Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunday Dinners

One of my favorite things my roomie Rosie and I have begun doing for a while now with our closest friends is Sunday Dinner. It's usually a small group of us and it's time well spent with our friends. I love cooking for people and its something I've picked up from my parents. My dad would always cook more than enough food with the expectation that if people stopped by, which they did quite a bit, we could feed them. Maybe its a Portuguese thing or maybe because my dad use to be a chef during his time in the military in the Azores and so he cooks like he is serving an army. Regardless, I love my parents for passing on that passion to me. Considering many of us go back to our work grind the next day, I like to think that Sunday dinner is a good way to end the weekend with full bellies and good quality time with friends.

Both myself and Rosie have made various types of meals from New York steaks, tri tip, oysters, fried chicken, salmon, breaded chicken, and homemade mac and cheese to name a few. My friend Candy gifted me The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl for Christmas, so I am very excited to make some Sunday dinners featuring the recipes in the book!

Here are some pictures of Sunday dinners past. I'm going to try and include the recipes from here on out as well . . .


  1. Hello Sandy! I'm Ali, Ana's friend. Your blog looks great!You have a recipe for success here! great writer, creative, stylish and a great cook. keep it up! Now i'm hungry so...bye! haha

  2. Hi Ali! We met that one time at Aquis!! Swirls! Summer needs to be here again . . .

    Awww thanks for commenting and the kind words!! I should have you and Ana over one night for Sunday dinner!!